Bones is a line of silver jewelry based on the theme of the skull.

A theme that refers to multiple suggestions: the skull as a "memento mori" (remember you must die) a symbol of the transience of human life; the skull as an evocation of death in contempt of danger; the skull as part of a now classic imagery of the world of rock and motorcycling.

Bones plays with skulls and bones in an innovative way. Skulls, vertebrae, bones, hands are modelled in various ways to produce jewelry suitable for a variety of tastes and sensitivities: from the classic men's ring with a big skull which looks as if it is disturbing, to the precious, glamorous-looking lady’s ring with pave zirconia to the earrings for small and unobtrusive lobes, twins, elegant and provocative at the same time.

Bones offers not only rings with skulls, classic by now, but a complete collection for men and women of rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, tie pins and cufflinks.

The collection of El Dìa los Muertos treats the theme of skulls and roses associated to the symbolism of the contrast between life, the rose, and death, the skull.

Skulls and roses intertwine to shape rings, delicate and disturbing, fascinating rosaries of a gothic taste, beautiful men’s bracelets where the silver is combined with skin.

Bones is a full line of handcrafted jewelry in silver with skulls for men and women.

The production processes of the Bones jewels are made by Florentine artisans with the classic jewelry methods.

Every Bones product can be customized on demand: they can be made in gold and diamonds or in other materials. The products with cubic zirconia can be made with cubic zirconia of different colors.

If you want a customized Bones product, send us an e-mail: we'll be glad to arrange with you the price and the delivery time.